Nostalgic News: Foo Fighters ‘Wasting Light’ was released 10 years ago.


Now onto their tenth studio album, Seattle rockers Foo Fighters have cemented themselves in the world of rock and roll since their formation way back in 1994, yet it’s their seventh studio album Wasting Light, released ten years ago, that often gets lost in the midst of their incredibly vast discography.

Boasting tracks like ‘These Days’ and ‘Bridge Burning’, Wasting Light holds some of the more niche, deep cuts of the band’s career. The album marked a return to the band for lead guitarist Pat Smear and won an insane 5 Grammy’s at the 2011 awards ceremony. It even has one of the Foo’s best songs on its tracklist, the infamous ‘Arlandria’. ‘Arlandria’ is one of those tracks that gets you pumped for any occasion, with crazy and hectic energy that resonates through you as listen, making the rock-obsessed youth of the time want to loop it over and over again and fans to this day still listing it as a top tune from the band.

Check out the music video for ‘Arlandria’ below:


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