Music Video Review: The Darkness – ‘I Am Santa’


Vintage and festive video with a catchy tune.

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The Darkness are back with their first Christmas song in 12 years and you will love it. ‘I Am Santa’ is a perfect reflection of the spirit of the band: hilarious, catchy and rock’n’roll.

The Simon Emmet-directed video has no complex story behind it but nevertheless it is a splendid tribute to Christmas songs from the 80’s and it follows the previous music videos of the band such as ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’, ‘With a Woman’ or ‘Love is Only a Feeling’.

The retro-theme video contrasts with most of the music videos of today with its amateur and vintage VHS aesthetic. The British glam rockers completely succeeded in this festive throwback using fake snow, tinsel, giant lollipops, Christmas trees, bells, fake reindeers, and even Santa. The band has done its best to enter into a crazy universe. Justin Hawkins (singer) appears in a glittered red trousers enhanced by a Christmas hat and sunglasses. Frankie Poullain (bassist) has the perfect Christmas look with his red shorts and green shirt. Rufus Taylor (new drummer of the band) went even further by wearing a kilt and using candy sticks to play drums. The guitarist Dan Hawkins is relatively serious compared to the other members, but still remains festive with a gift wrapped guitar.

Those images of the band playing are juxtaposed softly with a dancing section where the band members are joined by two women dressed in red jerkins, moving in a funny but simple choreography. As Justin Hawkins sings for his desire to share Christmas with a loved one, the members are appearing more and more together in a festive way that would remind anyone of families at Christmas. The funniest part might be, though, when the singer tries to look like a reindeer in one of the most majestic ways.

The song as well as the video will delight the earlier fans of the band. The spirit is certainly closer to their early days than the last album which was composed of darker tracks. Also, Barbarian and  Open Fire were not as cheesy and funny as their music video used to be.

There is no doubt that The Darkness’s new music video will make you ready and excited for the upcoming celebrations. Be careful though; the tune will get stuck in your head instantaneously for several days at least.

The song is available in the deluxe edition of the album Last of Our Kind released earlier in June. You can watch the video below.


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