Music Video Review: All Time Low – ‘Missing You’


An inspirational expression of the band's gratitude for their fans, All Time Low's most recent video for the acclaimed 'Missing You' is a heartwarming trek through the family they have created, all over the world.

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All Time Low, the Baltimore born four-piece, have released their long awaited video for ‘Missing You’ this week, from their recent album Future Hearts. It showcases their gratitude for their fans who have supported them throughout their 12 years as a band.

Set in London, frontman Alex Gaskarth wanders about the streets complete with shades and a guitar, occasionally joined by his fellow bandmates. Interspersed between are clips of the band talking to fans via webcam, expressing their gratitude for their support, with the fans expressing their own gratitude for that support. The whole thing is rather emotional.

The video opens with ATL, gathered around a laptop, chiming “Hi!” in unison, followed by a pixelated clip of a fan in complete disbelief (“Oh my god, are you kidding me?!”). From the very moment the video opens, from that very first “oh my god!”, you can’t help but smile. It’s not often you see such a genuine expression of appreciation in modern music, and it’s refreshing to see such a close connection All Time Low have with their fans.

The video is inarguably reminiscent of the All Time Low we all know and love, the All Time Low all these fans probably grew up with; just four lads having fun, doing their own thing – ‘bro-ing it up’, so to speak. But it’s also so much more than that; the band have grown so much since the days of the ‘Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)’, or even the later ‘I Feel Like Dancin’ ‘ videos which really are just a lot of fun. ‘Missing You’ shows perfectly how much they have matured, yet are still staying true to their roots.

The video closes with the foursome proclaiming their love for their fans as they say goodbye, but what rings utterly true as the video comes to a close is how much they mean it. Although I would have loved to see more of the other members of the band other than Gaskarth, All Time Low have undoubtedly succeeded in making yet another impressive, influential song with an even more impressive video.

‘Missing You’ is out now via Hopeless Records, with the video available to watch below.


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