Music Video Review: Corinne Bailey Rae – ‘The Skies Will Break’

Beautiful but safe

While the video shows the incredible beauty of nature, I do think they could have done more with juxtaposing her words with the destruction and power that nature is capable of.

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It all feels incredibly spiritual, especially with the synth track – it has a very uplifiting tone to it which fits well with the video. Corinne Bailey Rae herself said she wants to explore “How we respond to nature, what we can learn from listening to our bodies, paying attention to our dreams, following our instincts and being in the present moment.” which I really think is shown in the video.  There’s some really pretty visuals, especially around the two minute mark where this ominous, huge wall of water is pushing against the peaks.

Shots of her singing with a rubble filled, grey background are juxtaposed with her in Egyptian influenced, burnt orange clothing, and of dark thunderous clouds rolling in bring to life her words, as she sings that “the skies will break for you, my friend.” She’s dressed almost like a goddess in beautiful, elegant clothes, as the video shows her getting in touch with nature as the ground and water move around her. She reminds us throughout that the bad times will eventually end and we will find some benefit from experiencing them. Shot in Brecon Beacons, Wales, there are some stunning shots of peaks and waves and the whole video is really rather pretty.

I do think she could have gone a little further with it and that there was a lot of her dancing with her arms in the air. I was expecting crashing storms, wild waves, for the video to show what the elements are capable of. Still, it ends with the same lovely shots, an eclipse passing and showing the message she was spreading – things may seem terrible now with no hope of light again, but the dark will pass.

Her new album, ‘The Heart Speaks In Whispers’ is out now via Good Groove/Virgin EMI. 


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