This Week In Records (12/07/2021) – Aurora, Nathy Peluso and Billie Eilish


This week’s new releases will be taking you all over the world. We’ve got scandi dance-pop from Norway’s Aurora, latin salsa from Spain’s Nathy Peluso, and dark pop from the US with Billie Eilish.

Track of the Week: Aurora – ‘Cure For Me’

Ethereal Norweigan singer-songwriter Aurora‘s latest single ‘Cure For Me’ sees her move away from the usual dark mystery of her sound, instead embracing her inner playfulness with an upbeat dance track. ‘Cure For Me’ is a song to drown out the naysayers by accepting and welcoming all the strange quirks that come with being human. “Sometimes I feel like the whole world is trying to convince you something is wrong with you”, the singer explained on Instagram, and went on to say that she thinks it’s “about time we shut those voices out”.

So far in her career, Aurora has centered her music around themes of nature, love, and loss – ‘Cure For Me’ gives us a hint that her upcoming album may embrace more of her fun side, and engage with less serious themes.

‘Cure For Me’ is out now via Decca Records. Watch the video here:

Nathy Peluso – ‘MAFIOSA’

Back in October, Nathy Peluso performed her track ‘SANA SANA’ on COLORS’ youtube channel. Her over-the-top dance moves, unintelligible lyrics (for both Spanish and English speakers), and passionate delivery made the track go viral, gaining over 19 million views to date.

Now she’s back with ‘MAFIOSA’, an empowering Latin salsa track that speaks of self-worth and power. “I’m going to be Mafiosa, the wonderful, may bad men fear me when I arrive in my car”, she sings in the chorus. Peluso intends to make it very clear that men should be afraid of her, for she is an undeniably powerful woman.

‘MAFIOSA’ is out now via Sony Music Entertainment España. Watch the video here:

Billie Eilish – ‘NDA’

Being in the spotlight seems to finally have got to Billie Eilish; NDA’ says it all in the title. Fame can make people say horrible things about you, and Eilish has certainly had her share of scrutiny over the past year. ‘NDA’ addresses this, with Eilish-typical bass-heavy verses that describe how Eilish had to “save [her]money for security” and make any boy she met sign an non-disclosure agreement.

However, while the verses are nothing surprising from the singer, the choruses are what make it stand out. She sings “you couldn’t save me but you can’t let me go” as the vocals erupt into a reverbed, auto-tuned explosion of sound. Then heavy snares and a pumping bassline are introduced, sounding like they had come straight off the Euphoria soundtrack. The heavier vocals make up for what her previous single, ‘Lost Cause’, lacked, as Eilish doesn’t hold back from belting when appropriate.

‘NDA’ is Eilish at her most confident yet.

‘NDA’ is out now via Darkroom / Interscope Records. Watch the video here:

Jungle – ‘Romeo’ (feat. Bas)

Jungle have not been disappointing of late – their previous two singles ‘Keep Moving’ and ‘Talk About It’ have provided an excellent summer soundtrack so far. ‘Romeo’ is no exception. It uses an old school hip-hop vibe to uplift listeners, and includes Jungle’s first ever feature from rapper Bas. Bas provides some excellent feel-good lyrics like “I injected hope into my lungs, and spoke up things I once thought were silly dreams”. It’s certainly a track to brighten up those darker days.

‘Romeo’ is out now via Caiola Records. Watch the video here: 

Other Selected Releases


Little Simz – ‘I Love You, I Hate You’

Bo Burnham – ‘All Eyes On Me – Song Only’

Declan McKenna – ‘My House’

Omar Apollo – ‘Go Away’

Dave – ‘Clash’ (feat. Stormzy)


Tkay Maidza – Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 3

Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This

Rejjie Snow – Baw Baw Black Sheep

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