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The soundtrack can make or break a movie! Here’s the best songs that perfectly conclude the films and made an impact on us…

‘Beating Heart’ from Divergent

After being introduced to the Divergent trilogy by a friend, I consumed the content of each and every one of the books to an alarming rate, whilst on holiday one year. I found myself, yet again, addicted to a fantastically dystopian plot, whereby I could immerse myself into a new world for a few hours at a time – a thrilling experience for a teenage wallflower.

Then came its conversion to the big screen, in all of its lack-lustre glory. To my horror, the plot was made bare, and after the suggestion to turn the final instalment into a series due to financial woes, the actors involved eventually folded one by one – the film adaption was never formally completed.

What saved the films from total ruin, however, was the casting. Theo James – playing Four – and Shailene Woodley – playing Beatrice – lived up to exactly the way I once imagined them to be within the books. Their on-screen chemistry stole the show, with the cliff-hanger left at the end of the first film creating false-hope for the train wreck that was about commence in the years to follow.

The soundtrack for the films always lives with me, as a big part of my childhood, with Ellie Goulding’s Beating Heart leading the way at the end of the film’s finale sequence. It represents a sense of nostalgic hope and adventure, which I feel perfectly personified the romance of the dystopian plot in all its glory.

By Ellie Griffiths

Listen to ‘Beating Heart’ here, via Interscope:

‘Mad World’ from Donnie Darko

There is no better end credit song that encapsulates a movie quite like Gary Jules’ does! Jules covered Tears For Fears’ 1982 hit, turning it into a slower ballad that eventually reached No.1 in the UK singles charts.

The 2001 cult hit was written and directed by Richard Kelly, and boasts Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone’s breakthrough roles. The movie is famous for being one of the most confusing stories in history, as we follow Donnie (Gyllenhaal) and a creepy rabbit called Frank who haunts the troubled teenager through creepy visions. There’s elements of time travel that carry the plot, questions of free-will, and interpretations of schizophrenia, all which leave the viewer questioning what on earth has gone on.

‘Mad World’ is a relatable song which details the story of someone coming to terms with a world that is difficult to understand. The slowed down version really makes you listen to the lyrics and ponder them. It is also  odd how much the lyrics relate to the film, but that’s what a great ending song should have; it should connect to the viewer, it should enclose the film, and it should stay with us for a long time!

By Amy Scott-Munden

Listen to ‘Mad World’ here, via Mercury Records:

‘Strip Me’ from Morning Glory

One of the first incredible end-credit songs that springs to mind is ‘Strip me’ by Natasha Bedingfeid which features at the end of Morning Glory (2010). A great film anyway, this song perfectly captures the essence of the movie and with the chorus building to a punch it gives you the burst of spirit that the main character has by the end and the perseverance she has throughout.

Becky, played by Rachel McAdams, goes through many trials and tribulations in her goal to work for a morning news TV show. Eventually becoming a producer she finds that her task of keeping up the ratings is made even harder because of a very difficult show host, Mike Pomeroy, played by Harrison Ford. In spite of this, she does everything in her power to make the show great. Including getting one of the hosts to adorn a sumo-wrestling outfit, having the weatherman sit on a rollercoaster and jumping out of a plane, only to faint live on TV.

You can’t help but love Becky’s quirky character and root for her to succeed. So when the ending comes and she’s proven all the nay-sayers wrong, it feels like a victory for the viewer too. The light-hearted and humorous nature of the film means that it’s one of my favourite cosy watches. That and the brilliant end song that gives me energy!

Take what you want. Steal my pride. Build me up or cut me down to size. Shut me out but I’ll just scream. I’m only one voice in a million, but you ain’t taking that from me!

By Rosie Spurrier

Listen to ‘Strip Me’ here, via Sony:


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