Devon Cole – ‘Dickhead’ single review: a banger that can be enjoyed by anyone


She’s done it again, chaps. 

Devon Cole has released another, I repeat another, bop in the form of pop rock anthem ‘Dickhead’. Yet again Devon has used her lyrical skills to create a banger that can be enjoyed by anyone with a habit of up-tempo beats and dickheads. Isn’t that all of us? 

Let’s put the song to one side for a second; we’ll get to that tune in a moment. Not only do we have the pleasure of a new f-you song to dance around to, but a fun fomo-inducing music video as well. Much like ‘Hey, Cowboy’ you’ll wish you could join in on all the antics Devon and her band get up to. With a title like Dickhead’, you’re in for a great time. The aesthetic is on point with the slightly glowy camera quality and vintage car. There’s a noughties film vibe where Devon and her all-female band rock up to the front yard of the *cough* gentlemen in question and sing in his front yard. Later they manage to get into the house of the ex-boyfriend without being noticed over the all-consuming video game and array of snacks in front of him. 

The catchy hook and gradual build of the beat create a tune that’s impossible to sit still to. Honestly, I dare you. Within seconds I’m tapping my foot and repeating the lyrics:

You don’t own your shit

And you diss your mom

You give me advice, how to write my songs

You don’t leave a tip

Always need a ride

You just can’t commit

And I don’t know why

I believe Devon to be one of those rare insanely talented humans with a voice like butter. 

She has such a gorgeous voice that feels great to sing along to and an upbeat, positive presence. Not only that, but her gift for writing lyrics is on another level of brilliance. She really understands the relationship between the story and rhythm. Check out her short clips where she reimagines songs with a different point of view. Simply brilliant!

‘Devon Cole and band in Dickhead music video’, Devon Cole, Instagram

Overall it’s a fun tune that you are sure to dance to, having even more fun with it when there’s a dickhead in your life that you want to dance out.

So let’s not actually go to the house of our walking red flag situation-ship and sing our f-you song to them in their living room or front garden, but Devon babe, you pull it off. Thank you for this bouncy bop to channel our 21st-century girl rage. 

UK concert, please. Devon, if you ever come to the UK, we’ll welcome you with open arms!


Watch the music video for ‘Dickhead’ by Devon Cole below. If you like this, she has a collection of other songs you might just fall in love with.

Devon Cole is one to watch. You’re welcome!

Cue music video:


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