Classic Summer Tunes: JP Saxe – 25 in Barcelona (2020)


I quite frankly am made for this article, I have a playlist on Spotify entitled “round the world in two hours” taking you on a strategic two-hour journey through different countries, public transport, and feelings purely through music (and the occasional white noise; there really aren’t that many songs about trains and planes… but oh so many about Los Angeles). So, I’m going to talk a little about my favourite song from that playlist from the one and only JP Saxe – ’25 in Barcelona’

Despite this song being gut wrenchingly sad (about standard for Saxe), it makes me want to travel five years into the future just to experience my own 25th birthday in Barcelona. Unfortunately, until time travel is a reality, I’ll just have to fantasise. That is probably for the best, seeing how sad the song is.

JP sings about being halfway across the world from an old love, only months after a breakup. It captures the way that a lover can leave your life so suddenly despite one day knowing everything about you. The way that the world is so much bigger than that love is a key idea throughout the song, where he explains that she is all he can think about but no one else even knows about her. Comparisons can be drawn with Maisie Peters’ ‘Talking to Strangers’, with both giving a very similar vibe, although Maisie’s is perhaps a little more about falling in love, rather than JP’s concerns with a loss of love.

From the EP ‘Hold It Together’, ’25 in Barcelona’ is ultimately a song that has been monumental for JP Saxe, highlighting through and through his writing prowess, and I absolutely love the way has always been able to so beautifully encapsulate his feelings.


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