Favourite Summer-Themed Music Videos: Sabrina Carpenter – On Purpose (2016)


Several years before her current summer smash ‘Espresso’, Sabrina Carpenter‘s 2016 single ‘On Purpose’ opened the new era for 2016 sophomore album ‘EVOLution’. 17-year old Sabrina is seen throughout the four-minute video frolicking and dancing around London as she sings about how even if it feels like an accident “they did it on purpose”. I was a mere 13 years old at the time of this release, and seven years later the video still makes me feel just as happy, except seven years later, I’ve seen Sabrina live in London on the ’emails i cant send’ tour. [nobody touch me, I am emotional].

In the video, Sabrina is just herself, not playing a character, not quite feeling the weight of the industry on her shoulders, just enjoying getting lost in a brand-new city. This video holds a lot of sentimentality within the fandom, with Sabrina remaking the video casually, while on tour with The Vamps in 2017, with former ‘Girl Meets World’ co-star Corey Fogelmanis, someone many ‘fans’ would always (even jokily sometimes) ship with Sabrina.

Regardless, I think as long as I think of summer music videos, this video will always be one of the firsts to pop to mind. I had had a difficult year that year and it was really just a comfort video for me to come back to.



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