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As a huge fan of the indie-rock movement, I know as much as anybody how much competition is out there at the moment, and thus how hard it can be to stand out. However, with their debut album In Love, Peace show exactly how this outstanding status can be achieved, with almost flawless precision.

The first track ‘Higher than the Sun’ sets the standard the album nearly manages to maintain throughout, with pleasant fruity back-notes accompanied by docile bass. The guitar breaks through like a burst of sunshine, and with lyrics such as “everything will turn out right”, this song is like Peace has finally brought spring into the miserable skies of Britain. It’s simply such a cheerful, echoing and fluid piece of music, with an exuberant chorus and standout percussion outro. ‘Follow Baby’ is a more full-on and inter-changing song, shifting between the harsh rise and fall of guitar and the chiming, airy vocal tones of the chorus. Harry’s vocals are confident, calling out above the funk pulsing in the background; this is a song that generates an intelligent variety of moods and sounds.

One of my two favourite songs on the album is ‘Lovesick’, an intensely charming and enthusiastic track, guaranteed to have the listener singing along with a smile spread across their face. Beginning with deep ringing, the song is soon fleshed out with drawling vocals supported by up-beat percussion, and the chorus is insanely catchy. That leads me on to my other favourite song ‘Wraith’, which succeeds in being just as infectious. Playful and refreshing sounds bounce onto the ears, soon pushing into full swing with percussion and guitar, completely encouraging you to be swept away with the beat. Peace’s lyrics “blow me like a flowing feather” accurately describe what they can do with music like this; completely manipulate your emotional movements with sure ease.

‘Float Forever’ inspires a visual picture of the atmosphere Peace are trying to create, the unique tones of the guitar during the intro reflect the feeling of calm waves shifting through smooth water. The beautiful lyrics really shine in this track, with words like “there’s tear drops in the darkness/they’re hiding from your eyes” breathing life into the deep yearning and gentle coaxing of the listener. The track ‘Delicious’ uses a perfect blend of reverberating beats, floating keyboard chords, thumping percussion and crooning vocals to create a darkly seductive and deeply satisfying song.

Whereas ‘Toxic’ and ‘Waste of Paint’, although both good, with ‘Toxic’ being a simpler guitar affair and ‘Waste of Paint’ sporting a rebellious 70’s feel, they simply aren’t as memorable, such is the high standard of the rest of the album. The final song ‘California Daze’ is an excellent end to an incredible album, with the exact touch of just a guitar supporting it allows the vocals to really excel, and with sensual lyrics like “she tastes like sunlight” this song creates a real natural and warm-felt feeling.

The best way to fully describe Peace’s In Love, is that it’s like a profound and fond memory, wherein all your senses and emotions are enveloped and inspired by the remarkable music produced by these guys on this one album.



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