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Much like his quirky name, Dornik’s music oozes with funk, passion, and eccentricity.

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Dornik’s self-titled debut lands amongst claims that he could surpass Frank Ocean and other proclaimed voices in the modern RnB genre – and they are right. A lot of Dornik’s success and confidence can be traced back to early encouragement from Jessie Ware, whom once had heard his demos, pushed him to release his work and continue to create music. Dornik’s musical career similarly began with Jessie Ware, as her drummer for a number of years, and since going solo he has performed as Ware’s support act on her Tough Love tour.

The quirky and somewhat unusual name Dornik comes from a curious combination of his mother’s name, Dorothy, and his father’s name, Nick. In the same vein as his quirky name, Dornik’s music oozes with funk, passion, and eccentricity. Dornik also manages to keep true to his British roots, and maintains a London vibe with lyrics floating around the album like “I just want a cup of tea”.

‘Dornik’ has incredibly self-written and self-produced his first album, a gamble of which paid off. You can’t listen to a single Dornik track without noting his silky voice, similar to that of Frank Ocean and the classic, Craig David. Favourites from the record are; ‘Stand In Your Line’, ‘Second Thoughts’, ‘Something About You’ and ‘Drive’ –which is a fairly old track to fans of Dornik, but some great remixes are around if you fancy searching about. As a whole, each track on the album flawlessly flows into the next, and when searching for a verb to describe Dornik the word that springs to mind is smooth. There is also a distinguishable soulful quality to Dornik’s music, which sets it apart from a lot of the ‘modern’ electronic music. This is a stellar debut release from Dornik, and I hope it will receive the praise and attention it deserves.

Dornik is out now via PMR Records.


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