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A soulful reflection on the finer things in life, What I'm Feelin' is a pleasing listen from beginning to end.

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‘What I’m Feelin’ is the ninth album from grammy-award winning R&B and soul singer Anthony Hamilton. Soulful from beginning to end, the record marks a return to some of his original style in co-operation with longtime producer and collaborator Mark Batson, who co-wrote and produced many of the singles which began Hamilton’s career in the spotlight.

Spanning multiple musical styles and genres, the album shows off the flexibility of Hamilton’s voice and ability to adapt to musical styles. The way he suits this style shines through on the traditional and soulful side of the album including opening track ‘Save Me’, ‘Ain’t No Shame’ and ballad ‘Never Letting Go’, which retain the style and influence originating in much of his earlier music.

The album also showcases more experimental tracks outside of the singer’s traditional comfort zone. Penultimate track ‘Ever Seen Heaven’ ventures into the realm of modern synth pop, with Hamilton’s voice backed by an electronically driven beat that wouldn’t sound out of place in current chart releases. However, the change in style by no means detracts from the qualities of Hamilton’s voice, which shines in the multiple layers of harmony that can be heard during the refrain. ‘I Want You’ continues this pursuit of a more modern style and vibe, combining a reflective chorus and elements of spoken word with a bass-driven melody.

Hamilton’s personal experiences clearly inspire the album’s lyrics and tracklist, with his formative years in the church contributing to a number of tracks including ‘Amen’. The listener also hears a markedly personal insight into the darker moments in Hamilton’s life on piano-driven ‘Walk In My Shoes’, revealing the personal strain that events such as separating from his wife ten years ago and being arrested have had upon his live, asking the listener to empathise with these situations and consider what it would be like to find oneself in such a situation.

A pleasing listen from beginning to end, What I’m Feelin’ is, for the most part, a reflection on the finer things in life, or in Hamilton’s own words: “the spiritual connection of love”. Every track has its own story which the listener is easily able to appreciate and follow, even when venturing away from Hamilton’s traditional style.

What I’m Feelin is out now via RCA Records.


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