John Newman – ‘Love Me Again’


Although it’s not officially released until next month, John Newman’s ‘Love Me Again’ sounds as if it’s ready to take the music scene by storm. You may hear this and think, “That voice sounds familiar…” And you wouldn’t be wrong. Newman features on Rudimental’s ‘Feel the Love’ and ‘Not Giving In’, both massive hits over the past year.

However, this isn’t about what he’s done, it’s about the exciting things he’s doing. Opening with thumping piano chords and drawing the chorus in with extravagant strings, Newman delivers a well-rounded piece of pop-funk. Whilst the lyrics are quite sinister in parts, we’re distracted from these by the clever instrumentation, which builds and falls as required. Even the dubstep drop doesn’t spoil the track.

A great effort from Newman, which I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of over the summer (and for those watching the video: heads up, the ending’s a bit brutal).



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  1. This song will have to be the hit of the summer. Awesome song, awesome video. Love it again and again

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