Eliza Doolittle – ‘Big When I Was Little’


‘Big When I Was Little’ is the latest offering from British singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle. It’s the first single to come from her upcoming second studio album (currently still untitled) and it is the perfect summer song. With her usual quirky lyrics that kickback to when she was little (with mentions of Posh Spice, Malcolm in the Middle, Nirvana and Strawberry Ribena, to name but a few) and a typically catchy chorus, it’s Eliza at her best. The video is typically summer-y. Featuring Eliza and friends dancing around in bright outfits and breaking into a pool.

It may not break the boundaries into any new musical direction for Miss Doolittle, but she’s doing what she does best, creating great but slightly eccentric pop music for summer.



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