Ellie Goulding – ‘Burn’


Ellie Goulding’s single releases have always been hit and miss in the UK. Although single ‘Lights’ from the same-titled debut album polarised UK and US markets, it seemed to offer little besides the glittering ‘Starry Eyed’ and ‘Your Song’ (aided by the 2010 John Lewis Christmas ad). More successful recent efforts however have accompanied a development of style, from the anthemic ‘Anything Could Happen’ to Calvin Harris’ dance collaboration ‘I Need Your Love’. Cue gaining popularity of latest effort ‘Burn’, from upcoming album repackage Halycon Days, and everything is finally pointing to a first number one single for the 26 year old singer-songwriter.

From the offset, ‘Burn’ is a more radio friendly, pop-focused effort. Proceeding at a firm tempo, and combined with a steady synth build up and Goulding’s light, echoing vocals, the song captures a certain energy that has yet to be found in previous releases. Originally intended for Leona Lewis, Goulding’s quieter voice risked being buried beneath the heavy production, however her unique vocals stand out against the driven accompaniment, with the single being a good showcase of her talent. Include stirring lyrics such as ‘we got the fire and we’re burning one hell of a something’, a catchy, repetitive, offbeat chorus and the game is well and truly set to make ‘Burn’ a late summer winner.

Whilst she may yet not have the number one single formula down to a tee, each successful single seems to be a nudge in the right direction. As a contender for number one it will be interesting to see how things fare out, especially pitched against the premature release of ‘Applause’ by pop giant Lady Gaga. Overall ‘Burn’ has reinstated Ellie Goulding as an important contender in the overly-saturated female pop market.




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