Banks – ‘Waiting Game’


Banks commands you to listen. You could try to focus on something other than her wincingly honest words but it is unavoidable. In defiance of the breathy soundscape her three-part harmonies create, her message hits hard and clear: she is unsure if she should wait for the relationship she longs for. It is this unapologetic honesty in her lyrics that has ‘Waiting Game’ exceeding 200,000 plus plays, following the success of its haunting predecessor, ‘Before I Ever Met You.’

Listening is like imposing on a personal moment we were never meant to hear, yet she assures listeners that her songwriting is ‘liberating’. SOHN’s sultry beats suggestively mirror her frustration with her long-distance relationship. As the all-encompassing, pulsing beat reaches a climax and drags you to the finish line, the music and emotion disappear into the quiet whisper they came from.

If you did not know about Banks, now you do.



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