Hindsights – ‘Heavy Head’


Essentially the lead single from the upcoming EP of moody Berkshire punk bunch, Hindsights’ ‘Heavy Head’ represents a change of bearing into mellower waters for the quartet. Last year’s release Weathered presented the band as a perfect balancing act of melancholy and energy, the vocal playoffs between Benio and Billy reflecting this. Where ‘Heavy Head’ differs from their earlier releases, and I imagine the rest of the EP, is that the vocals shift heavily towards Benio, and the mood more towards melancholy.

For a band so young, Hindsights certainly have matured musically and carved a path for themselves very rapidly, with two UK tours, two European tours and an East Coast US tour under their belts. A reflection of this impressive rise, ‘Heavy Head’ demonstrates how they have toned down the breakneck drums and half-shouted back-and-forth vocals that defined their first two records, and replaced them with more considered instrumentation and impressively hefty vocal harmonies, to create a different but solid sound. If the rest of The Thoughts That Weigh Me Down successfully completes the transformation that ‘Heavy Head’ is hinting at, this could be the record that makes Hindsights.


The Thoughts That Weigh Me Down is due to be released through Beach Community, October 7th 2013.

You can listen to the track here.


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