Eliza Doolittle – ‘Let It Rain’


As a piece of pop music this number is no bad piece, nice repetitive rhythm, catchy chorus that is as sticky as a treacle covered badger and potential, with a bit of remixing, to become a club classic that could effortlessly end a good night out.  Staring through cynical spectacles ‘Let It Rain’  feels like another generic chart hit, with clichéd chords, languid lyrics and a music video that any pop regular will recognise as coming from the ‘blowy hair, pouty waving, oh my god my hair has just been electrocuted’ school of musical cinematography.

While artistically uninspiring, this is a cleverly constructed pop piece with clear chart kudos; coupled to its catchy beat are lyrics that are seemingly dull (“I don’t know what a winner is, but I want to be one”), yet conjure up in our minds the rags to riches cultural cliché. The prevailing them of the song being to tap into our stores of optimism to get us more emotionally involved and bouncing to a beat. All this makes for a well written song if a somewhat insipid one. When compared to Doolittle’s previous works ‘Let it rain’ is significantly blander artistically, vocally poorer with fewer personal touches than previous records such as ‘Pack up’ and ‘Rollerblades’.


In Your Hands is released 14th October on Parlophone


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