Ben Khan – ‘Eden’


If you thought London singer songwriter Ben Khan’s ‘Drive Part 1’ was a heated electro track then you will probably like ‘Eden’. Up until recently Ben Khan was relatively unknown to me, but having trolled through YouTube and what seemed like millions of SoundCloud, Last FM, BandCamp pages (you get the picture) I finally got what this artist was about.

As I sit here with the old Last FM page open, it rather hastily categorises his music into three, yes just three, genres. These being ‘seductive’ ‘electro’ and ‘darkish’ all of which, fair to say, are true. But I cannot help think that this track is so much more than that. Khan discovers something new with this whilst harping back to earlier techniques and riffs reminiscent of the 60s; for the most part he pulls it off. The track starts out with some blended dirty synthesizers which work well with the cascading guitar riffs that follow; all is good until about half way in where it just gets a bit messy frankly. It’s like he’s trying too hard to pack as many instruments in as possible. This track that would benefit from the old adage: less is more.

Lyrics such as “Palms to the sky on a religious high” leave me with a lot to be desired, I do not foresee them being engrained in my memory for more than an ephemeral amount of time. I do appreciate Ben Khan for his experimental style, but I find his overly superfluous production to grate rather than excite.



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