Metronomy – ‘I’m Aquarius’


‘I’m Aquarius’ kicks off promisingly, with post-dub beats, quickly joined by the classic synths Metronomy love to incorporate in their sound. Lead singer Joseph Mount launches into his familiar rhythmical crooning, opening the track with surprising pace that is maintained throughout. The insecure, lovesick lyrics float effortlessly over moody bass and Anna Prior’s soothing “shoop-doop-doop-ahh” back vocals. Every aspect of this track has been put in with a purpose and it fits together in sublime fashion to create a sound that is a little darker than we’ve previously heard.

Whilst sounding great, the track doesn’t quite leave the same resonance as singles like ‘The Look’ from the band’s former album. There’s enough within it to excite listeners for the forthcoming record Love Letters – out March 10th next year – but as a first release it needs to be more inventive. It’s a good track and a definite grower, but as a leading single it is just not strong enough.


‘I’m Aquarius’ is out now on Because Music.


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