Miley Cyrus – ‘Adore You’


Miley’s latest release from Bangerz is much like its predecessors, ‘We Can’t Stop’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ in that once you take away the “controversial” and uncomfortable music videos, what you’re left with is a surprisingly good slice of pop music.

Miley goes for a more sultry R’n’B style for her third single, with a very simple drum track to support it. And whilst you’re distracted by the image of Miley writhing around in her bed-sheets, it is very easy to miss the simple string accompaniment which boosts the very plain and lacklustre lyrics.

Miley’s wailing may lack the emotion and angst of ‘Wrecking Ball’, but given a few listens, it’s just as catchy thanks to its drone-like melody.

It may not be as memorable as her previous efforts, but ‘Adore You’ shows that Miley isn’t afraid to venture out of her comfort zone. Musically, of course.


‘Adore You’ is available for download now through RCA Records.


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