Mac Demarco – ‘Passing Out Pieces’


A listless hangover, jittery relaxation, the nicotine-fueled reminisce of a debauched memory, these are all feelings Mac Demarco has consistently managed to evoke through his work. Such feelings permeate this track from forthcoming LP Salad Days as a sun-soaked, Beach Boys-esque, synthesizer allows itself to wash over us. Accompanying Demarco are his now almost trademarked laidback guitar style and fluidly lackadaisical percussion.

Demarco isn’t one for a consistent persona, instead opting for one that is mercurial in nature. Having explored goth-rock, pop-punk, and his personally coined genre of “jizz-jazz”, ‘Passing Out Pieces’ falls squarely into the category of jizz-jazz that finds itself most manifest on his latest LP, Mac Demarco – 2. This song is immediately accessible all while being rather formulaic, a feature that Demarco’s music has managed to avoid thus far. Regardless, the joy it evokes is undeniable and I look forward to seeing what Salad Days has to offer.


Salad Days is out April 1st on Captured Tracks


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