Disclosure ft. Friend Within – ‘The Mechanism’


It is fair to say that since the release of their massively successful debut album Settle back in May 2013, Disclosure have been dominating the air waves. The duo managed to bridge the gap between house music and mainstream dance pop in a spectacular fashion.

The duo are now back with their new track ‘The Mechanism’. This track features the all important collaboration, that judging from the vast list of collaborative tracks on their debut album is a necessary component of any Disclosure track. The collaboration this time comes in the form of Friend Within, a producer from Liverpool.

Disclosure have allowed fans to stream the track before its official release on Tuesday 15th April. After about the first ten seconds of listening, it is clear this track is going to be huge. In typical Disclosure style they start strong on this track, wasting no time and smacking us straight in the face with trademark funk based beats. There is a real summer vibe to this track.

While ‘The Mechanism’ would not sound out of place on their debut album, it does show signs of development from their previous tunes. There are fewer moments of reflection in the song, instead they choose to boldly continue with pulsing beats throughout and it most definitely works, maintaining the same level of energy throughout.

All in all I predict this track will be dominating summer soundtracks across the whole of the UK. I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise though; would you expect anything less from the duo?

‘The Mechanism’ will be available to download from Tuesday 15th April.



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