Review: Ed Sheeran – ‘Photograph’


Ed goes back to basics with this single, and it is this simplicity which makes it great.

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The very, very talented Ed Sheeran brings us his fifth single from his second studio album X  in the form of ‘Photograph’.

Sheeran is quickly becoming synonymous with producing hits that every girl would love their boyfriend/fiancée/husband to sing to them surrounded by candles and a bed of rose petals. Unfortunately for us gentlemen, the world’s most famous ginger singer-songwriter keeps producing so many great hits that it’s hard to keep up. ‘Photograph’ is no different.

Sheeran goes back to basics with his latest single. ‘Photograph’ is a beautifully simple acoustic song with just a single guitar and piano in the background. His trademark guitar techniques are out in force throughout the track, plucking and picking away from start to finish. Ed’s vocals are also exquisite, his range has come a long way since the days of his debut album; the pitch changes in the choruses are flawless and he seems a lot more comfortable singing higher nowadays.

The lyrics as always are meaningful, emotional and personal. His talent only seems to blossom more with each record he produces, he is a truly unique talent.

X is available to purchase now via Asylum and Atlantic Records.


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