Review: Pitbull feat. Chris Brown – ‘Fun’


It's fun and would no doubt be a banging tune to dance to when drunk, but it's just a bit annoying.

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Arguably the most famous rapper to be born to Cuban expatriates, Pitbull brings us his latest track featuring Chris Brown.

‘Fun’ is exactly that – fun. It’s cheerful, jolly and is most certainly a track you can imagine dancing to after a few cocktails and sambucas. However, when you listen to it stone-cold sober, it can get pretty annoying. Don’t get me wrong, the samba beat during the verses is great, it brings out the summer in the room, but when it gets to the chorus, there is one overpowering annoyance. The windpipe only plays for a few seconds at a time but it’s just so unnecessary. Maybe if the pitch was slightly lower it wouldn’t be as bad, but it’s almost piercing.

The lyrics are pretty standard for a Pitbull track – sleezy and suggestive. But we don’t really expect anything else from him anymore. Chris Brown does a sound job during the choruses, but there is no real talent on show in this track. It could quite easily have been created by any 16-year old with a laptop.

‘Fun’ is out now via Polo Grounds and RCA Records.


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  1. Well, this song is a club banger. And there’s a twist of the 80’s with Miami Sound Machine in it. Never underestimate the hispanic listeners and the nostlagia crowd. This song is clibbing pop and dance billboard right now. I must say that Pitbull annoys me most of the time and Chris Brown has a real talent for pop crafting but since the violence thing, I just started to listen to him. I want to believe in his redemption. But no matter the critics, this song is really good!

  2. jujuondatbeeeeeee on

    Loving it. I just don’t like “don’t take it off keep your heels and thong”. It kinda makes me sick. But overall good. i just don’t like the thought of naked women 😛

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