Review: Kodaline – ‘Ready’


Compared with Kodaline's other singles from both their debut and follow-up, 'Ready' blurs into a nice but one-dimensional track.

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Following the top ten lead single ‘Honest’ and the ballad ‘The One’, ‘Ready’ is the third single to be lifted from Kodaline’s second studio album, Coming Up for Air.

The track oozes with the authentic growls of lead vocalist Steve Garrigan that have become the core of the Irish band’s sound, where he chants the track’s chorus complimented with the strong background beat of Vincent May’s drums. But although occasionally infectious, the song synchronously becomes lyrically repetitive, where it sinks into a generic pop track that merely offers a slight edge through the effective unperfected sound of Garrigan’s vocals. The instruments come together pleasantly, but offer very little, losing the epic quality of other single ‘Honest’ and not achieving the emotion of ‘The One’, blurring into a nice but one-dimensional pop song.

The track is far from bad and is enjoyable to listen to, but when compared with other offerings from the band, particularly delicate tracks like ‘High Hopes’ and alternative layered songs like ‘Love Like This’ from Kodaline’s debut era, ‘Ready’ is easily forgotten.

‘Ready’ is out now via Sony Music Entertainment.


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