Review: Nathan Sykes – ‘Kiss Me Quick’

Very Good

'Kiss Me Quick' is a very good way to start a solo career. It's fun, catchy, and shows off Sykes' vocal capabilities.

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Baby-faced singer-songwriter Nathan Sykes of boyband The Wanted brings us his first solo effort since the group went on a hiatus last year. ‘Kiss Me Quick’ is his first official solo release after previously featuring on Ariana Grande’s ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ in 2013.

The track is very Bruno Mars-espue, with many comparisons being able to be drawn between the styles of the two pocket-sized popstars. With ‘Kiss Me Quick’ Sykes seems intent on trying to show us as much of his vocal range as possible, flicking between different pitches frequently and changing styles throughout. The song starts off very smooth, almost like a crooner performing in an upmarket bar, before picking up the pace and turning very R&B in the style of artists such as the aforementioned Mars and Justin Timberlake.

For a first effort at cracking the industry on his own without his four mates, ‘Kiss Me Quick’ is not bad at all. It’s catchy, easy to listen to, and fits right in amongst the work produced by more established solo artists. And considering he’s signed by Global Entertainment, he is guaranteed to get a lot of airtime on their radio stations such as Capital and Heart, which is only going to help his cause.

‘Kiss Me Quick’ is out now via Global Entertainment.


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