Review: Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink – ‘Worth It’


'Worth It' lacks any real imagination. It's repetitive and sounds very generic.

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Fifth Harmony have released the third single from their debut album Reflection. ‘Worth It’ features American rapper Kid Ink for whom the track was originally intended for, however he ended up just collaborating on the song after the lyrics and melody were changed to fit a female perspective.

I’m going to cut straight to the chase and say this track is rather boring. The lyrics are ridiculously competitive and the overall feel of ‘Worth It’ is that it is a bit incomplete. It lacks any real imagination, whether that’s in reference to the lyrics or the music. I can see what they have tried to do: make a song that can be played and enjoyed in clubs across the world by following the template that uses deep bass, lots of snare and a saxophone-like instrument kicking in during the choruses. But instead of successfully following this new trend in club hits, ‘Worth It’ just seems like a copy-cat that was quickly thrown together.

Kid Ink’s feature on the track is the only remotely interesting part and I would much prefer to have the original version destined for him to be played across radio stations rather than the catastrophe that Fifth Harmony have managed to produce.

‘Worth It’ is available now via Epic Records.


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