Review: Disclosure feat. Gregory Porter – ‘Holding On’


'Holding On' expertly balances the soulful vocals of Gregory Porter with Disclosure's signature dance style.

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‘Holding On’ is the first single to be taken from the Lawrence brothers’ upcoming album, Caracal, following teaser track ‘Bang That’.

The track’s opening soars with Gregory Porter’s vocals as he sings its name, before the boys introduce the staccato beat that is their staple. With muffled vocals and a growing beat, ‘Holding On’ bursts into life. Following repeats of “shake it”, the track’s catchy chorus will get hearts racing. Porter’s soulful voice is harmonious with Disclosure’s signature garage-flex sound. It’s the vocals on the track that lift it, and set it apart from ‘Bang That’, a track weighed down by too deep vocals.

‘Holding On’ showcases Disclosure in their element. At over five minutes it’s a long track, but the brothers have balanced enough repetition to be catchy, whilst remaining exhilarating. Caracal can’t come soon enough.

‘Holding On’ is out now via Island.


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