Review: The Bohicas – ‘Swarm’

In your face

With their debut album just weeks away, The Bohicas are here to make a make a fuss and cause chaos.

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Take a deep breath before you listen this latest track from Essex four-piece The Bohicas, as it’s a big one. It’s huge in fact; if it was possible, you would start a mosh pit to ‘Swarm’ alone in your bedroom.

It’s three minutes of sheer chaos; there’s big guitar solos, it’s catchy, and it is set to go down massively at the remainder of this summer’s festivals. There may be accusations that The Bohicas are a bit samey, or that there’s nothing distinguishing them from other good indie-rock bands out there, but ‘Swarm’ is different. It’s in your face and a sign of good things to come on their debut album, The Making Of, which enters the world on August 21st, the same day as ‘Swarm’ is released.

“I can’t explain / I can’t explain / The injuries that I’ve sustained” sings frontman Dominic McGuiness, a phrase I’m sure will be relayed to loved ones upon leaving various mosh pits as the profile of this four-piece continues to rise. Where they will end up, I’m not quite sure, but with tracks like ‘Swarm’, the only way is up for The Bohicas.

‘Swarm’ will be released on Friday 21st August via Domino Records.


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