Review: Shura – ‘White Light’


Shura beautifully offsets the harsh beat of 'White Light' with her vocals to create a track that seems a bit too distant to be captivating.

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‘White Light’ is the titular track on London-based Shura’s debut three-track EP, which features remixes from Jungle, Warpaint and Gabe Gurnsey.

The childlike vocals of ‘2Shy’ have been shed for this track, and replaced with a stronger, ethereal voice. Shura’s voice tumbles in caresses as the layers are built up on the track, and brings a soft edge to the harshly rhythmic synth that works underneath it. ‘White Light’ is constructed so that each layer, from the beat to Shura’s beautiful vocals, have room to breath and be listened to. Towards its end the track harnesses breathy echoes of Shura’s vocals, giving time to fast-paced synth that lifts the track and allows it the punch it needs before it echoes into space.

With its intricate composition and stunning vocals from Shura, ‘White Light’ does well. But there’s something a little distant about it, making it difficult to quite connect with. Listen to the seven minute long version on Shura’s Soundcloud, though, it’s worth your time.

‘White Light’ is out now via Interscope.


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