Review: Palace – ‘Head Above The Water’


Palace pair thematic lyrics with an almost wave-like feel to their track, with undulating instrumentation and soft vocals.

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From their Chasing Light EP spills London four-piece Palace’s latest release, ‘Head Above The Water’.

Palace throw listeners in with a statement drum beat, booming and echoing as guitars are gently picked and the vocals are introduced. The track undulates in waves, mimicking its title to good effect. It seamlessly moves between verse and chorus without feeling as though it’s in a hurry to get anywhere; listeners are effortlessly carried through the track, with the vocals echoing inflections of Foals’ Yannis Philippakis but tumbling in softer caresses, taking the edge off. The track isn’t actually too dissimilar to a slower Foals track (think ‘Blue Blood’ for example), dissolving into carefully constructed rumbling instrumentation towards the end, but Palace keep it unique enough to not be copycat. The lyrics, “Drowning in you / Keep your head above the water” are carefully paired with the liquid feel of the track that submerges you as you listen.

‘Head Above The Water’ is effortless; it’s unhurried, and it’s lovely.

‘Head Above The Water’ is out on Monday 7th September via Fiction.


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