Review: Ella On The Run – ‘Rodeo Clowns’


Ella On The Run's voice is what gives 'Rodeo Clowns' potential to be a great track. It's the synth work, whilst promising at the beginning, that falls a little short.

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‘Rodeo Clowns’ is the latest track from Ella On The Run’s relationship-oriented debut EP, War Of Words.

Beginning with deep, dark, synthesisers, Ella sets a sombre tone to the track. But it’s her vocals that lift it, breathing effortless life into the track and offsetting its darkness. That isn’t to say that the song is turned happy, however. The lyrics communicate a personal relationship, but with optimistic outlook that “we will be better than we were before” as the chorus hits. ‘Rodeo Clowns’ doesn’t quite reach a powerful climax though; despite the upward soaring synths that underlay Ella’s vocals, it doesn’t hold a definitively captivating height. The chorus could have done with a little more of the dark, booming synth found at the opening of the track that showed more promise than was developed.

It’s Ella On The Run’s vocals that are going to make her known. They are velvety and beautiful, gliding with ease through the track. By no means is vocal talent what ‘Rodeo Clowns’ is missing. It’s a great track, with heartfelt lyrics and a nice composition, but it doesn’t quite have that spark of excitement found on the title track of her War Of Words EP.

‘Rodeo Clowns’ is out now via Skruffy.


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