Review: ODESZA feat. Zyra – ‘It’s Only’


Like the eye of a storm, vengeful lyricism and serene instrumentation combine for ODESZA's incredible (and surely inevitable) second LP swansong.

Few in the electronic world can match ODESZA when it comes to atmospheric, emotional production. In 2014 the Seattle duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight put out their second record In Return, a luscious and bewildering journey touching on hip-hop, pop, and orchestral beauty that continues to unveil further nuances even after dozens of listens, defying the prevalent disposability of much of the genre.

‘It’s Only’ is the second single from the album (after ‘Say My Name’) to feature Zyra, Leicester’s finest vocalist, and thematically the pair complement each other tremendously. After ‘Say My Name’ opens the record with a jaunty and joyous tale of unrequited affections, ‘It’s Only’ wags the tail with a clinical edge following an adultery-triggered break-up. “I heard the news today that you’re not mine to keep / Don’t struggle too much now while I kill you in your sleep,” leads us off as Zyra’s calculated calm haunts in the merciless arena.

Those chilling vocals sit atop one of the most chilled tracks of In Return, driven by a restrained version of ODESZA’s signature percussive sound. With samples of frantic pizzicato string runs and a gentle breeze of twinkles as garnish throughout, especially within a forceful concluding section, ‘It’s Only’ is a superb example of the duo’s expansive instrumentation knowing no limits.

Its only downfall? It’s still not album three.

‘It’s Only’ is out now via Counter Records.


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