Review: Meridian Dan – I Ain’t Shook


Dan’s signature flow features bars that feel recycled, yet it is undoubtedly a banger that arouses anticipation to his forthcoming mixtape.

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After amassing a cumulative total of over 10 million views on YouTube for one of the most quotable and consequently most popular British singles of 2014, the Tottenham MC has directed his music in a more serious direction. Follow up tracks such as ‘One Two Drinks’ and ‘Hot For Me Know’, set the tone for the eventual release of his mixtape ‘Bloodline’ due for release later this year.

‘I Ain’t Shook’ is an addictive track, owing more to the production from Redlight, who has previously produced tracks for Jammer and Maverick Sabre, rather than the lyricism from Dan. Scheduled for release soon, the video acts as the second instalment in a series of videos to the story presented in the previous release ‘Couple Killers’ that features Mytus.

Meridian Dan uses the track as a platform to maintain his claim as an unfazed, unchanged and down to Earth MC, with his sights set high and his ego kept low. He puts doubters of these assertions to rest with lyrics such as ‘someone said I’m posh for a cockney ever since this cockney got p’. Being a self-confessed “big man [who’s] been out here for years” comes with a price, however, and Meridian Dan pays for it by recycling the lyric “who told you I [insert something that someone has said about Meridian Dan allegedly doing something]?” The repetitive inclusion of this lyric that features in ‘German Whip’ and ‘Couple Killers’ may well act as a autographical stamp on his work, much like American hip hop producers who insert their production credits into the beginning of tracks but it is becoming increasingly tiresome, resulting in Meridian Dan’s releases becoming predictable.

‘I Ain’t Shook’ is out now via PMR Records.


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