Review: Biffy Clyro – ‘Wolves of Winter’


Biffy Clyro are back with a barnstorming new single, tailor made for the inevitable stadium sized crowds.

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Following their huge star making 2013 double album Opposites, Britain’s hardest working rock band Biffy Clyro are back with ‘Wolves of Winter’, the lead single from their upcoming seventh album Ellipsis. Fresh off the announcement of a second headlining set at Reading Festival, the attention is back on the Scot-trio and with ‘Wolves of Winter’. The band show that they’ve not lost any of their epic and frenetic style.

“We are the wolves!” the cry goes out as Simon Neil’s guitar crashes into Biffy’s trademark heavy riffing and the Johnston brothers collide with raucous and wild results. It’s clear from the off that this is classic Biffy Clyro but it somehow still seems new and fresh, thanks in part to the instrumental experimentation that is clearly present.

The verses play brilliantly as drummer Ben flies across the toms, his brother James’ bass tying the sound together and Simon’s eerie vocals building excellently. Things then mellow out as the band again showcase their experimental nature with a tone and pacing shift: “We have achieved so much more than you possibly thought we could”, Simon exclaims, and it is true. This seems to be a definitive seizing of their place at the top of the British rock scene and it couldn’t be more deserved. “We are the wolves of winter, we live in a kingdom of blood”: it’s an anthemic and epic chorus designed to be shouted out by thousands of fans in unison.

Simon’s solo (something very different to what Biffy have done in the past) fantastically brings everything into a frantic climax and signals that this is just the beginning for the new phase of Biffy Clyro and they couldn’t sound better.

‘Wolves of Winter’ is out now via 14th Floor Records.


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