Review: Royal Blood – ‘Where Are You Now?’


With its thumping, rock-heavy sound, this latest track from the Brighton-based duo possesses a bold, retro quality that's pleasing to the ears.

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Two years after the release of their self-titled debut, Royal Blood have returned with a promising new track entitled ‘Where Are You Now?’.

Recorded exclusively for the ongoing soundtrack of HBO’s original series, Vinyl, ‘Where Are You Now?’ possesses the same kind of raw, rock-heavy sound that the Brighton-based duo have already become renowned for in their early career.

The track – which runs briefly at two minutes and 46 seconds – opens with a bold, thumping drum pattern, which combined with the record’s rich, synchronous bassline, makes for a catchy and decidedly retro sound; worthy of the 70’s set drama it was created for.

Meanwhile, the sonorous, echoing quality of Mike Kerr’s vocals continue to accentuate the track’s evocative qualities. The heavy guitar solos that are dispersed throughout the later stages of the track are also infinitely catchy, adding depth and an almost metal quality to the song’s choruses.

With its rich, dulcet combination of percussive and electric sounds, ‘Where Are You Now?’ provides what is surely a very promising snippet into what Royal Blood will do next.

‘Where Are You Now?’ is available now via Atlantic Records.


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