Review: Pierce The Veil – ‘Circles’


Good but with much room for improvement.

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Pierce the Veil seem to be mellowing with every release, ‘Circles’ lacking the harsher vocals and discordant elements of their previous tracks. But while it doesn’t exactly have the signature eeriness that made Collide With The Sky so popular, this new release is going to be one that creates some amazing circle pits.

This track carries energy like it’s running for its life, which I think is the point, but nonetheless it’s a powerful display of Mike Fuentes’ drumming skills. It panders slightly to the fangirl need for comforting lyrics, “I’ll love you and I’ll never leave your side”, perhaps a little mushy for the band’s usually sharp style, but like many good pop punk songs it balances story and angst with a beat you can really jump to.

However I can’t help but feel like it’s missing something; for all its energy it lacks punch, the clunky, bland chord changes making it feel just a little flat. It doesn’t make me want to run for my life.

But although a little basic and dull at times, toned-down Pierce the Veil have released what is going to be an intense live track and therefore a potential crowd pleaser, and one that moves far enough away from their heavier stuff to widen their fan base.

This San Diego rock band is definitely not moving in circles, I’d just like those circles to acquire some edges.

‘Circles’ is out now via Fearless Records.


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