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I’m sure I’m not alone in my disbelief when I heard Sigma was bringing out a track with Take That. They seem like two artists at the opposite ends of the music spectrum; Sigma’s success has only been building in recent times, while Take That have been around forever, and seem to be starting to dwindle in popularity. When researching this, I also found that Take That have only ever done one collaboration before in twenty-five years of music release (‘Relight My Fire’, featuring Lulu).

The song in question is ‘Cry’, and it’s actually quite good. Gary Barlow’s soothing vocals suit the electronic pop beat that Sigma conjures, though the rest of Take That do seem to overlooked in terms of vocals. It’s quite repetitive, but if anything that just makes it catchy, and it definitely feels like a song for the summer – fast-paced and upbeat. Both Sigma and Take That have been confirmed for Radio 1’s Big Weekend next weekend, and I can only think that the audience will love to see this performed live. Perhaps it’s a genius move to combine two artists of such different generations, creating a huge audience of fans to listen.

It’s not quite as impressive as some of Sigma’s other tracks (‘Stay’, ‘Changing’, etc.), but it’s another strong delivery from them. Looks like stranger things have happened than your mum’s favourite boyband collaborating with an electronic drum and bass rising star duo, and producing a pretty good song.

‘Cry’ is out now via 3 Beat.


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  1. Is it me or are GB’s vocals way too high in the mix? I’ve listened to this in the car and at home and the vox is way too much for me, the kick and snare (major in this format) are miles away.

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