Review: Moose Blood – ‘Knuckles’


Whilst not the most unique song ever, 'Knuckles' is a welcome addition to Moose Blood's so far stellar discography and showcases a new direction for August's second album.

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The sound of Moose Blood, the emo Canterbury four-piece, has been likened to a combination of American punk band Brand New and emo legends American Football. Their debut album I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time was released in 2014 to very positive reviews, and ‘Knuckles’ comes as the second single from Blush, due August 5th

With the new album, the band has admitted to a slightly poppier sound, evident in ‘Knuckles,’ in comparison to the rough and untamed songs of old. The song still manages to sound distinctive and shows they still have a strong grasp on their songwriting, creating another song with catchy lyrics, enjoyable guitar riffs, a solid mix of drums and guitar, and a fantastic guitar solo flowing perfectly into the closing chorus. The song’s structure and instrumentation may sound a little conventional, however, especially when compared to other similar bands from the past decade such as You Me At Six, so it may come as a disappointment to fans of the blistering nature of earlier songs such as ‘Bukowski’ and ‘Gum.’

With a more radio-friendly vibe, ‘Knuckles’ may signal more of a departure from their promising emo roots to a more mainstream sound, but it should still work a treat for Moose Blood fans, allowing the band to become more accessible and hopefully gain a larger audience with Blush. Expect to see and hear much more of Moose Blood over the next year as they look to climb the ranks of the British rock scene and join the likes of Royal Blood in spearheading another revival.

‘Knuckles’ is out now via Hopeless Records.


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