Review: Justin Bieber – ‘Company’


A more mellow track compared to those already released from Purpose, but still one of the highlights 8 months on.

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Purpose, Justin Bieber’s fourth studio album, has successfully appealed to a newfound audience that consists of more than just preteens, including an Edge team that picked it as their third-favourite album of 2015. The official music video for ‘Company,’ his fifth single release from the album, was released on Wednesday and with over a million likes already, it’s safe to say Beliebers old and new are enjoying this new tune. The video features clips of Bieber looking very natural with behind the scenes clips of his most recent tour.

The lyrics on first listen sound like another soppy love song, carefully crafted to make anyone remotely attracted to him fall in love with him just that little bit more. Really they’re about Biebs on a lonely night looking for a little “company” and “maybe [they] can stay in touch” when the deed is done. Remember kids: keep it classy.

The track is unlike the trio of EDM singles he’s previously released from Purpose, consisting of more chilled R&B vibes with some synthy backing vocals and a classic hook of oohing and aahing. The song is mellow and more similar to songs on Journals, his 2013 compilation album, than anything else on Purpose but it probably won’t as big as his unprecedented successes ‘What Do You Mean?,’ ‘Sorry,’ and ‘Love Yourself.’ Nevertheless, expect to hear remixes in your local club soon.

‘Company’ is out now via Def Jam


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