Review: Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Bad Decisions’

Pretty Bad

A lazy, overproduced song that doesn't know what it is. Saved only by a chorus, Two Door Cinema Club continues its whimpering return.

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It’s a shame that ‘Bad Decisions’ features a near-total departure from the rock aspect of Northern Irish indie trio Two Door Cinema Club’s music, arriving at some kind of Daft Punk-esque dance-pop sound. On paper, it sounds like this could and should work, however it really doesn’t.

The vocals are painful through their insufferable high pitch, which is not likable in the way pulled off by singers like Foals’ Yannis Philippakis. Its accompanying instrumentation suffers from some serious overproduction, flaunting unrecognisable guitar sounds, simplistically bland drums that sound fresh from a MIDI keyboard, and some boring, generic synths and keys thrown in for good measure. I’m not quite sure what Two Door Cinema Club is trying to achieve here – ‘Bad Decisions’ is neither dance music, nor is it indie rock. The guitar solo over the bridge is completely out of place as well, which will throw you off the scent of just what this bizarre attempt at generic popular music is.

The chorus is perhaps the only saving grace of ‘Bad Decisions’ – although it’s far from amazing, it’s certainly better than whatever they’re attempting with the rest of the song. The whole package feels lazy and uninspiring, displaying a real step in the wrong direction from a once-promising young band gearing up for Gameshow, its third record, in October – a bad decision indeed.

‘Bad Decisions’ is out now via Parlophone


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