Review: Courteeners – ‘The 17th’


Not the sound expected, but a good indication of the styles they could explore with their upcoming fifth album.

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Maybe it’s my fault for not having kept up with how Courteeners’ music has changed since their 2008 and 2010 albums that, after my first listen to it, I was stubborn and refused to like ‘The 17th‘ because it sounded different: slightly techno-ish to start with, it replaces the acoustic guitars and northern accents with more pop. After getting used to the new sound they’re evidently aiming for, it’s still very classic Courteeners. Liam Fray’s vocals are perhaps deeper and heavier than ever before, but they go nicely with the bassline and synth sounds, giving the track a fresher and more adventurous feel.

The closing lyrics (“We’re having such a good time”) indicate that they’re enjoying their current position, sitting on the verge of their fifth album (Mapping The Rendezvous) with as dedicated a fanbase as ever. The crescendo around the 3:30 mark is reminiscent of ‘The Opener,’ and the whole song is a pretty impressive glance to the range of styles that the band can explore.

‘The 17th‘ is out now via Ignition Records


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