Review: Beck Martin – ‘Friday Night’

Crazy Yet Brilliant

While Martin needs a lot of work on his vocals, 'Friday Night' is a dance-floor filler that will have Freshers going crazy this year.

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While ‘Friday Night’ may not be typically what we expect from The X Factor‘s brand of mainstream pop, Beck Martin’s original audition song – originally released on his 2014 album I Love My Life – seems to have all the potential to reach ‘Gangnam Style’ status with its wacky, crazy, and totally absurd lyrics, backing vocal, and associated dance moves.

We should start with a disclaimer: Martin certainly does not have the best voice ever heard, and Adele is probably not worried about any awards to him. But, this apart, ‘Friday Night’ is probably one of the most outlandishly and brilliantly crazy tracks we’ve heard in recent years. With its catchy backing beat and somewhat easy-to-remember lyrics – “It’s Friday night,” he shouts. “I’ll buy you couple shots / Couple drinks.” –  it’ll have you singing even if you really don’t want to. The beat, also created by Martin, is somehow incredibly potent, showing him to be a credible producer.

The best part of ‘Friday Night,’ however, is its unbelievable ability to get you up and dancing. The beat adds a somewhat addictive emphasis to the titular retort that is then fuelled with energy. The song then ends up with an amateurish feel that is itself endearing and fun. It’s so wrong, but so right!

‘Friday Night’ is out now via New World Arts

Thanks to Conor Baldwin for his contribution to this article.


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