Review: NEIKED feat. Dyo – ‘Sexual’


A fun little track with great production and vocals that's become popular two months too late.

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It’s the classic story: him, a Stockholm-based producer; her, a singer/songwriter from London. The result: something that isn’t particularly subtle, but if anything that counts in its favour. Easily the most chart-friendly of NEIKED’s three published songs to date, Warner-signed Dyo, who loves singing, clarifies her intentions with complete unambiguity (“Say you feel the way that I feel / I’m feeling sexual / So we should be sexual”) as a variety of layered instruments combine for an instantly memorable chorus and hook.

In an era of laptop-generated smash hits, the meticulous care NEIKED has taken over the production of ‘Sexual’ pays off, being stripped back and grandstanding at all the right moments. The beat and bassline in particular sound a cut above many of the songs charting around it, giving the impression they were orchestrated by a percussionist and not just rearranged 808 101. ‘Sexual’ isn’t massively dissimilar from a lot of other music around in 2016, but it has a slightly different flavour: a house style that NEIKED looks to be quickly establishing. Dyo’s impressive vocal range is a good match for this production, staying the right side of disembodied.

‘Sexual’ is out now via NEIKED Collective and Polydor


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    Instantly loved this song within the first couple of seconds. Will be a Worldwide hit, just need the video.
    Climbing the charts in Australia real fast.

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