Review: Jon Fratelli – ‘Bright Night Flowers’

Worth the wait

Another success in Fratellis frontman's continuously strong career.

Indie-rock frontman Jon Fratelli has recently added to his solo catalogue with his latest single Bright Night Flowers, from the upcoming album of the same name.  Although he is most well-known as the lead singer of The Fratellis, the release of his album Psycho Jukebox in 2011 marked the beginning of his accompanying solo career.

This piano-fuelled single will delight fans of any of Fratelli’s work – with lyrics like ‘falling in and out of love just to sing the twilight to sleep’ Fratelli delivers trademark poetry that is unique to his work, paired with a slower pace from what we heard on the first album.  Fans who have been waiting for more of Fratelli’s solo work will not be disappointed.

And the wait has been real – Bright Night Flowers was first announced six years ago, but Fratelli ultimately put his solo career on hold to focus on the band.

The track gives a flavour of what is to come on the album, which is to be released next year – and if this title track is anything to go by, 2019 can’t come soon enough.

Jon Fratelli’s upcoming album, Bright Night Flowers, will be released by Cooking Vinyl on 15th February 2019. ‘Bright Night Flowers’ is available now.


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