Review: Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne – ‘Good Form’


Young Money records have hit gold yet again with 'Good Form'.

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The time has finally arrived. Young Money came in full force on this track: over the past year Nicki Minaj has had a rough ride with the constant, inadequate, comparisons to Cardi B and the ‘ Nicki Hate Train’. Nonetheless, she has managed to retain her crown as the ‘Queen of Rap’ and this song is definitely an affirmation of that. We heard a taste of this track earlier this year, as Nicki featured in a Mercedes Benz Commercial alongside the instrumental to this song; the “Barbz” ( Nicki Minaj fans) immediately gravitated towards to it. When her 4th album Queen dropped it was undoubtedly one of the best songs on the album: the lyrical content, witty punchlines and catchy chorus – nothing short of a Nicki Minaj Hit.

The video and remix dropped on November 29th and garnered over 8 million views in just 24 hours, reminiscent of when she released her video to ‘Anaconda’ and the video broke the Vevo record for most views in 24 hours with over 17 million! With ‘Good Form’, Nicki makes her mark yet again in hip hop history with a song that is essentially an ode to female empowerment and women simply being confident in themselves enough to demand that their significant other eats their “cookie” as it’s good for them. Nicki never shys away from sexual provocativeness and delights on the fact that her famous derriere can shake in multiple ways, and this same formula  – which caught the eyes of the world in 2014 when she released ‘Anaconda’ – has worked again – the Nicki Effect. Although, the explicit content of this song is 12/10 – it does not harm the current motion of women taking charge of themselves and being in control; without a doubt Nicki has created another showstopping hit that works for females of all sizes and is bound to have women shaking what their mothers gave them!

Now onto Lil Wayne. When he was announced as the featured artist for this remix I was a bit sceptical as I figured that Nicki would have opted for another female; but I kept an open mind and I was not disappointed by any means. Wayne’s persona was perfect for this song and he uplifts Nicki by referring to her as the “fly” whilst all these other rappers are “larvae” – nodding to Nicki’s famous catchphrase “Girls is my sons”. Wayne skates across the beat and my favourite part is the end when Nicki and Wayne finish each other sentences, cementing the song as yet another monumental Young Money moment. Hopefully the Grammys feel the same way next year and give Nicki her props because credit is definitely due.

‘Good Form’ is available now via Young Money/Cash Money Records.


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