Review: Kevin Abstract – ‘Georgia’


Since Brockhampton’s inception there has been release after release, but the latest release from any of their members comes from founder Kevin Abstract. ‘Georgia’ is the latest single from his album ARIZONA BABY, giving us an insight into Abstract’s personal tribulations. ‘Georgia’ starts with an intense combination of hip-hop and blues, kicking off the summer. Alluding to Ray Charles song ‘Georgia on My Mind’, a song personifying peace and stability. This sentiment is reflected in ‘Georgia’ echoed in the chorus:

I got Georgia on my mind, ain’t nobody left behind
It’s just me, my team, my weed, my baby’s Audi parked outside
Call my mom and let her know that everything is alright

The openly gay rapper struggled with acceptance in his younger days in Texas and uses ‘Georgia’ to portray the hardships he has faced and overcome, along with his new found sense of stability. It sends a message to fans out there that things can get better, especially for LGBTQ+ listeners out there. Differing from Abstract’s last album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story (released in 2016), which conveys his issues towards his sexuality, drug use and family acceptance, ‘Georgia’ seems to show a new side of Abstract. The soulful and relaxing sounds will soon become a summer anthem, reminiscent of a cool summer night in the car with the windows down. Personally, I believe this is an amazing creation from Kevin Abstract as he provides a new sound, whilst still sticking to his solo roots. This song provides hope that everything can improve and your struggles are not forever, a common theme within his music. Kevin Abstract is an up and coming rap sensation ready to take the world by storm, so I would recommend everyone give ‘Georgia’ a listen.

‘Georgia’ is available now via RCA Records.


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