Review: Katy Perry – ‘Never Really Over’


The pop icon is back with her take on the song of the summer - but is it enough for fans?

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Pop queen Katy Perry is back in time for summer with her new single, ‘Never Really Over’.  We’ve seen a few one-off tracks from her in the last two years since the her rather strongly criticised album Witness in 2017.  Could ‘Never Really Over’ be the beginning of a new musical age for Katy Perry?

If there’s one thing Katy Perry can always be praised for, it’s her distinctive vocals.  When one of her songs comes on, you always know it’s her.  Despite its shortcomings, ‘Never Really Over’ is a success in this respect.  She has no trouble showing off her powerful voice in the chorus, which is more reminiscent of her early albums, flourishing where Witness did not.

However, this latest release just doesn’t have the same unique quality as her earlier music.  One Of The Boys, Teenage Dream and PRISM stand as some of the best pop albums of their time, but in recent years we haven’t heard many tracks of that high a standard.  ‘Never Really Over’ really doesn’t stand out from any other pop release we’ve heard recently.

‘Never Really Over’ is no doubt a step in the right direction for Katy Perry, and it works well as a catchy summer song. However, long-time fans will still be left waiting for something greater.

Katy Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’ is available now via Capitol Records.  Watch the music video here.


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