Review: Lewis Watson – ‘Meant For Me’


An extremely catchy melody coupled with incredibly sweet lyrics.

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British singer-songwriter Lewis Watson has witnessed immense growth in his fan base from his very first EP releases in 2012. After the release of his last album midnight in 2017 and his recent collaboration with Dodie on ‘Not What I Meant’ (2019), it became clear that many more people were about to discover his sound. ‘Meant For Me’ is the first original song to be released since his previous album, and it was definitely worth waiting for.

‘Meant For Me’ radiates a more mainstream sound than midnight (2017), which is perhaps Watson’s attempt at expanding his fan base and sound even more. Despite the slight alter in genre, this song still maintains his unique, raspy vocals, and many fans are completely in love with its sweet-sounding and catchy melody.

Watson’s lyrics depict a beautiful love story, with the most loving message appearing in the pre-chorus: ‘Then you go / And say that you’re not perfect / But you’re gold / And even on your darkest days you glow’. These lyrics perfectly match the sweet, simple melody throughout, which clearly highlight a true devotion to someone. Throughout Watson’s career, his lyrics never fail to impress, however the lyrics used within ‘Meant For Me’ are particularly memorable and heart-warming.

Overall, ‘Meant For Me’ is a fantastic return from Watson’s mini break, and many fans are now eagerly awaiting any more new music.

Lewis Watson’s ‘Meant For Me’ is available now via Cooking Vinyl Limited.


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